Engine Services in Green Oaks

Seek engine service if you see these indicators:
If oil is dripping from your vehicle’s engine, see Christian Brothers Automotive for engine service. Oil often leaks out of a vehicle’s engine because the seals have actually dried and hardened. When this happens the seals will crack and not work effectively. Ignoring oil leaks can cause major and costly engine troubles.

Tune-ups are a fantastic way to stay clear of future troubles with your automobile. Most tune-ups consist of spark plug replacement, resetting the timing belt, switching out air and fuel filters and an examination of all engine components.

The most common engine issue includes the automobile’s timing chain or belt. Christian Brothers Automotive recommends that you have it examined every 60,000 miles.

Christian Brothers Automotive will inform you when your car needs a fuel injection cleaning and when you should have your vehicle’s liquids flushed. Having a clean engine with the appropriate liquid will certainly help your car perform efficiently.

Christian Brothers Automotive in Grand Prairie takes pride in being a trustworthy vehicle service company. We will never ever upsell you on a car part your car does not require nor will we ever perform an auto repair on your vehicle without your consent. Call us at (817) 803-5745 or stop by our car repair facility near Green Oaks for all engine services.