5 Things You Might Not Know About Your Car’s Cooling System

5 Things You Might Not Know About Your Car’s Cooling System

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Your cooling system is one of the most essential parts of the vehicle. Without the cooling system, your car could overheat and the entire engine could be destroyed. In fact, every year overheating is cited as the top cause of engine failures across Georgia.

To help you maintain this crucial component, our ASE-certified technicians have put together a list of the 5 things you might not know about your cooling system. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to walk into any Grayson auto repair shop well-informed and ready to protect your engine.

1. The cooling system acts as a heat exchanger

The cooling system’s primary function is to cool down the engine. It does this with a fluid called coolant. This coolant is pumped into the radiator from the engine. The thermostat locks in the hot coolant and the radiator fan reduces its temperature. When the coolant reaches the manufacturer’s desired temperature, the fluid is released back into the engine. As it flows through the engine, it picks up the excess heat and the cycle begins again.

2. The cooling system does require periodic maintenance

One common misconception is that the cooling system is maintenance-free. While the cooling system only requires full service every 30,000-60,000 miles, it does still need periodic service. In certain vehicles, when the coolant breaks down, it builds up rust particles, which can become electrically charged. This causes the cooling system to act like a battery and become highly corrosive, resulting in major damage to the engine.

3. Coolant is a mixture of water and antifreeze

Coolant is a liquid that helps transfer and reduce heat in the engine. As we’ve already mentioned, this fluid flows through the engine, picking up excess heat and redistributing it throughout the vehicle. In addition to cooling down the engine, coolant contains corrosion inhibitors and water pump lubricants to protect the system.

4. Coolant should not be 100% antifreeze

When servicing your vehicle, make sure you avoid adding 100% antifreeze to the system. While some mistakenly believe this is a good thing, antifreeze without water runs the risk of freezing in the winter. Despite its name, straight antifreeze is susceptible to freezing. By mixing the antifreeze with water, you can prevent this unfortunate scenario.

5. You should not add 100% water to the cooling system

Just like the cooling system should not contain 100% antifreeze, adding 100% H2O could damage the engine. Especially in diesel engines, a certain amount of Diesel Coolant Additive (DCA) is required to protect the engine. When bringing your car in for service, make sure you’re working with an ASE-certified technician who understands which DCA filter should be used. Unlike diesel engines, most gasoline engines do not contain coolant filters, so protective additives and preventative maintenance is crucial.

Christian Brothers Automotive Grayson takes cooling system service seriously

You can trust your vehicle in our capable hands. When your car is brought into our Grayson auto repair shop, we make sure you’re educated on preventative maintenance.

Our expert, ASE-certified technicians explain the manufacturer’s recommendations and will even walk you out to the vehicle for a “show and tell”. Our professional technicians use a state-of-the-art BG coolant flush machine and high-quality products, provided by our local Premaco dealer.

If it’s time for cooling system service, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Grayson, Georgia today. Cooling system maintenance doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Now that you understand the 5 most important aspects of cooling system service, you’ll feel empowered with every visit to the auto shop.

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