Why does my vehicle need regular maintenance?

Why does my vehicle need regular maintenance?

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Many car owners understand the importance of regular maintenance, but they often have difficulty making time for it. It can easily be put off for “another day” or simply seen as one more thing to put on the never-ending “to-do” list. However, that “one more thing” can be the difference between hundreds of dollars in repairs and a lot of headaches, or a simple fee for regular maintenance and no stress.

The advantages of regular maintenance greatly outweigh any possible disadvantages.

Here’s why you should make consistent upkeep a top priority from our expert technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive West Frisco.

Increased safety

Of course, safety is the most important reason to have your car inspected and updated regularly. Nobody wants to be driving at high speeds down the freeway, only to realize their tire has just blown or that their steering seems to be having problems. At Christian Brothers Automotive in Frisco, TX, we will check all the aspects of your vehicle, including the brakes, transmission, engine, tires, alignment, and more to ensure you never experience an unwelcome surprise that could put you or your family in danger.


You may think that regular maintenance could potentially be expensive. While it may cost a bit of money here and there, it is much less expensive than waiting for a problem to arise. When a major part on your vehicle goes out, it can cost hundreds of dollars. Here at Christian Brothers Automotive in West Frisco, we want to keep you safe on the road without going over budget.

Increase gas mileage

Did you know that when your car is working well, without any issues with individual parts, you actually get better gas mileage? This is because a compromised engine system puts unnecessary strain on the vehicle, decreasing fuel economy. During regular check-ups, you should have your tire pressure checked, as well as alignment. Getting regular fluid checks also greatly enhances your gas mileage. With the price of gas these days, the money you save from maintenance can really add up.

If it’s time to get maintenance done on your vehicle, don’t wait! Call Christian Brothers Automotive in West Frisco, Texas today.

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