3 Reasons To Schedule A Car Inspection Before Your Summer Road Trip

3 Reasons To Schedule A Car Inspection Before Your Summer Road Trip

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

When your car is brought in, our ASE-certified technicians will look at the following:

1. Check your oil

Even if you’ve recently changed your oil, check it again shortly before your trip. The easiest way to check the oil is by looking at the dipstick. You want your oil to be clear, thin, and full. If it's not, bring your vehicle in for an engine inspection at our Frisco repair shop. It's important to check a few other fluids as well, including transmission fluid, power-steering fluid and coolant. When our experts take a look, they'll make sure all fluids are at acceptable levels.

2. Check all tires (including the spare)

A flat tire is one of the most common and feared car casualties, particularly when on a long trip or in an unfamiliar place. It is the vehicle problem of choice in movies and television, always a bad omen. It’s no less annoying in real life, however it is not likely to be a big problem if you have your spare on hand.

Before you make a trip, check your spare tire for leaks. Also, check the pressure on the tires you already have on, as well as the tread. Rotating your tires could make the difference between a flat tire or an uninterrupted trip.

3. Check lights, mirrors, and windows

When driving on the open road, your primary ways of interacting with your environment and fellow drivers are your car lights, mirrors and windows. Check the lights to make sure a bulb hasn’t burned out. Clean your windows and mirrors thoroughly and make sure they are free of cracks or fractures. If any of these are broken, call Christian Brothers Automotive in West Frisco to have them replaced.

Road trips should be fun and relaxing, but it’s impossible to relax if you suspect your only means of transportation might fail. Plan ahead, keep a spare tire handy and, most importantly, call Christian Brothers Automotive Frisco West to make sure you have everything covered. When you don’t have to worry about the car, you can enjoy the ride!

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