Tune-Up Tips: What To Check Before You Take a Road Trip

Tune-Up Tips: What To Check Before You Take a Road Trip

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Here are a few things to check on (or have your mechanic check for) before your long drive:

  1. Check all the fluids in your vehicle. Check the oil, the automatic transmission fluid, the antifreeze, brake fluid, power steering fluid and the windshield wiper fluid. You can top off the washer fluid by yourself, but if any other fluids are low, you may have a problem. Be sure to contact a reputable mechanic or automotive repair service, like Christian Brothers Automotive. Once your car is there, they can check them all for you, and then advise you of what you need before you leave.
  2. Check your tire pressure. You also want to be sure that your wheels are not vibrating or pulling to the right or left. You will want a smooth drive when you leave, so be sure to check for proper alignment and tire pressure.
  3. Check the tread of your tires. While checking for air pressure, be sure to look at the tread of the tire wall and make sure that they are in good shape before you leave home. Make sure you have a spare tire in the trunk and that your tire jack is in place.
  4. Check the brakes. How long has it been since you changed your brake pads? If you are driving in the mountains or on rough roads, you will feel better knowing that you checked the brake pads for wear before you left.
  5. Check your wiper blades for wear and usage. Do they work as well as they should? If you think that they may be ripped or worn out from over-use, be sure to replace them before you leave. Driving in the rain or on unfamiliar roads could be a real hazard if your wipers aren’t operating properly.
  6. Check your headlights and tail lights. You need to inspect all exterior lights before you leave. One of your tail lights may be out, without your even knowing about it. A non-working tail light out is a reason for a traffic violation.
  7. Schedule a tune-up. Has it been a few years since your last tune-up? If you know that you haven’t had a complete maintenance check on your car in quite a while (in the last 3 years) then be sure to schedule a tune-up service before leaving.

If you are in the Woodstock, Kennesaw or Acworth area, call Christian Brothers Automotive for your next scheduled maintenance or other vehicle repair! We service all makes and models of vehicles. We are a trusted name in automotive care. Come in and you will see the difference!

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