Basic Auto Care Class Was a Success!

Chris also covered the importance of transmission fluid changes, oil changes and changing out the filters. He showed us the difference in a clean and dirty air filter, and showed us where to find it in the car. In the garage of the Acworth shop, he opened the hood of the car to show us examples of where to find the oil dipstick, the transmission fluid, the filter and more. In addition to that, he went over how to find the oil dip stick and when your car is low on oil.

We had some great questions in class, such as: “Do you need to let your car warm up a while before you drive it?”
Chris answered, “No, the cars of today don't need to be warmed up. As soon as you have cranked up your engine, you can be on your way.”

Another question from class was: “When can a tire be patched?”
“A tire can most likely be patched when the nail (or other small puncture) is not along the main edge of the tire”.

A question on buying used cars was: “How can I tell if I am getting a good deal on a used car? How can I be sure this car will run if I buy a car from an ad in the paper?”
Owner, Chris, said “You can bring it to us for a pre-purchase auto inspection, and we can tell you if the car will need any work, or if the work that was already done, was done correctly. You will get our honest opinion on what the car needs, and what to expect down the road.”

Some excellent tips came from the automotive class! If you would like to learn more about your vehicle and its scheduled maintenance, just call us today!