Winter Weather Advisory: Your Automotive Check-Up List

Winter Weather Advisory: Your Automotive Check-Up List

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

In the Winter months, we can also have automobile maintenance issues. The cold air and freezing rain can take a toll on your vehicle. Here is list of things to check for on your car, and to stay ahead of for the winter…as suggested by Christian Brothers Automotive Professionals at the Acworth-Kennesaw Ga. location:

  1. Check the air pressure in your tires. Did you know that a tire can lose a few pounds of air pressure as the temperature drops? That can make a big difference in the longevity of your tires, the handling of your vehicle, and even your fuel efficiency. Be sure to check it every 2 weeks, and add air to the tire as needed. This will extend the life of the tire.
  2. Check the coolant, and the last time it was changed. Old coolant won't protect against freezing, which can cause serious problems. Your coolant (antifreeze) is a protectant that transfers heat away from the engine. However, most cars need a mix of coolant and water. What type and amount is right for your car? Let the Christian Brothers Automotive Professionals check this for you and be sure that your car has the right type and amount.
  3. Check the battery. Cold mornings require a lot of power to get the engine to crank. The extreme cold weather can be rough on your car. If your car battery is slow to turn over, or won’t crank at all, you can have it towed to our shop. We hope you will stay safe, and get the battery replaced before it stops working, by changing it at the first sign of “weakness”. The life of car batteries will vary, so be aware of how old your battery is. Change it at the first sign of a slow start. Don't get caught stranded in the cold winter! We can test your battery for you if you feel like it is weak. It helps to get a second opinion.
  4. Change out your wiper blades. Wiper blades are made out of thin strips of rubber that are only expected to last about one year. Due to regular use in a car, they can crack, swell, become misshapen or rip. In Georgia, we have extreme heat in the summer time, and this can cause cracks to the rubber in your wiper blades. When you add in all the rain and then the freezing cold, you can see why they typically last only 1 year. The changing of the season is a good time to put on new wiper blades. You can buy these at any automotive shop, or just bring your car to us and we can change them out for you.
  5. Check your headlights and tail lights. With the extended dark hours in the winter time, more folks drive to and from work in the dark. Thankfully, car lights are easy to fix. Just let us know when you stop by if you are concerned about the lights, or if they seem hazy to you. Condensation can also get trapped inside the light. The working order of the lights can be easy to miss, so be sure to check them.
  6. Christian Brothers Automotive Professionals at the Acworth- Kennesaw Ga. location will always check these things during our courtesy inspection, with any service! Stop by and experience the nice difference in automotive care, and customer care.

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