Keep Your Transmission in Shape on the Roads of Houston

It’s important to understand what your transmission does and how to take care of it in order to avoid transmission repair. The transmission of your car serves as the link between the motor and the wheels. Christian Brothers Automotive can help you maintain your transmission with fluid flushes and regular service, making it easier for you avoid high repair bills. Our highly trained, expert technicians are ASE-certified and skilled in transmission repair. They use the latest tools, fluids, and parts, ensuring that your car benefits from top-of-the-line products and service.

How often should you schedule a fluid flush at Christian Brothers Automotive? Most car manufacturers have their own recommendations. Our technicians can help you establish a routine maintenance schedule based upon your car’s make and model, so you can rest assured that your transmission undergoes a regular, thorough cleaning and flush.

Outdoor heat is one of the key reasons that Houston drivers’ transmission fluid wears down—schedule a regular transmission inspection check and flush at Christian Brothers Automotive, especially during the summer. By staying informed and aware of the condition of your car’s transmission, you can avoid future problems and high repair bills. Whether your car needs transmission maintenance or repair, the staff at Christian Brothers in Houston approaches every transmission need with attention to detail, personalized service, and honest recommendations—helping you to minimize repair costs and get back on the road.