Auto Maintenance Tips for Summer Road Trips

Auto Maintenance Tips for Summer Road Trips

Grab an Oil Change on Your Way Out

Before you leave town, think back to the last time you had your oil changed. Was it over 5,000-miles ago? Old, dirty oil is the fastest way to ruin your engine. Getting your oil changed is quick and easy at our local Oklahoma auto repair shop.

Keep Your Windshield Crystal Clear

It’s always a good idea to check the condition of your windshield wipers and the wiper fluid level before embarking on a long trip. From bugs to surprise thunderstorms, you never know what will happen on the road. Your wipers may have survived the winter, but heat can warp the wipers and make them unusable.

Got Coolant?

Your vehicle runs hot as it is. Combine the engine heat with a hot summer day and it can be a real challenge for your vehicle to maintain a low engine temperature. You can help your car stay cool by checking the coolant levels and refilling it if need be.

For the best summer vacation results possible, make sure your car is ready for travel! These tips can help you get started, but if you’ve noticed anything else about your vehicle that seems off, please mention it to one of our qualified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Warwick in Oklahoma. Our friendly staff will handle any of your concerns. Our goal is to keep you safe on the road this summer! Give us a call at our auto repair center in Oklahoma City to schedule an appointment. Have a great summer and see the nice difference!