Oklahoma Experts Explain Electric Vs. Hydraulic Power Steering

Oklahoma Experts Explain Electric Vs. Hydraulic Power Steering

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

The ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Warwick, in Oklahoma City, have some good information for you about the differences between electric and hydraulic power steering.

Electric power steering offers better fuel economy

There are no pistons or hydraulic pumps in a car with EPS. Instead, a simple electric motor is used to augment the commands given by the driver turning the wheel. Overall, this reduces a lot of weight in the car. Also, EPS systems don’t use power from the engine like the hydraulic systems. These two factors play a huge role in providing consumers with more fuel-efficient vehicles.

Electric power steering requires less maintenance

Hydraulic power steering obviously needs hydraulic fluid. So, cars or trucks with EPS have one less fluid to worry about. The electric system is also easier to calibrate. Usually all it requires is a little tweak in the programming. Hydraulic pressure is often times uneven and there are many more parts to it. This can make calibration a bit more difficult.

Hoses, belts and seals in the hydraulic system will also need replacing, but EPS doesn’t have any of these! EPS is much simpler when it comes down to it.

Which one handles better?

It’s still widely debated which system provides the best handling for drivers. Many people feel that the hydraulics give the steering wheel a good amount of heft and road feel, while EPS systems numb the driving experience. These opinions are subjective and you should get behind the wheel of an EPS car before passing judgment.

Electric power steering systems offer too many advantages for manufacturers and consumers to ignore. From increased fuel economy to decreased maintenance needs, EPS will likely continue to grow more popular. As more time passes, this technology will be refined and perfected to give driver’s greater control over their vehicle.

Power Steering Service at Christian Brothers Automotive Warwick

If your car isn’t reacting properly to your steering or the wheel is harder to control, you know you have a power steering problem regardless of which type you have. For the hydraulic system you may have a power steering fluid leak. Fixing the leak and filling your car back up with fluid should fix the problem easily. As mentioned before, there are also hoses, belts and seals that may need replacing to keep it running smoothly.

At our local auto repair shop in Oklahoma City, we value our customers. If you’re experiencing power steering problems we will be happy to diagnose the problem and talk you through all of your repair options. Our goal is to educate our customers so they can make the right decision for their vehicle. We also back our services with the 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference warranty so you know our work holds up. Call us today to schedule your power steering maintenance and see the nice difference at Christian Brothers Automotive Warwick!

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