How Can I Increase My Vehicle’s Performance in Winter Weather?

How Can I Increase My Vehicle’s Performance in Winter Weather?

Make sure your brakes are in good condition.

Your ability to step on the brakes and come to a complete stop quickly is critical when you’re driving on wet roads. We recommend having your brakes checked if you notice any squeaking or grinding noises. Another sign of brake damage is if you have to push all the way down on the brake pedal when trying to decelerate normally.

Prepare your tires for cold, wet weather.

It’s also important that your car’s tires are still in good condition. Tires with tread below 1/8 of an inch are unsafe to drive on in snowy or slushy road conditions. Deeper grooves on your tires will help you navigate through snow and grip slick, icy roads.

Tire pressure is also important during the winter since the air is thinner. Your tires aren’t leaking any air, but the air inside them has condensed. You’ll need to add more air to your tires to make sure they’re inflated to the correct psi.

Test your battery’s strength.

If your car is having trouble starting on cold winter mornings, you’re not alone. Cold weather will take a toll on your car battery. The dropping temperatures diminish the battery’s capacity to hold a charge and it can take longer for the battery to recharge as you drive. All batteries eventually die. As a result, a lot of people are late to work or left stranded during the winter. If your battery is exhibiting weak behavior, replace it before it ruins your day!

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