The Little-Known Way To Keep Your Engine From Overheating

When debris makes its way into the engine, it can cause major damage to the system.

Likewise, the engine becoming overheated can cause problems when the moving parts begin to destroy one another.

That’s why your cooling system is so important. This system mitigates the problems of excessive heat by maintaining the engine’s temperature.

Most Oklahoma City drivers confuse the AC system with the cooling system. To clear up the confusion, we’re going to explain the function and importance of your vehicle’s cooling system.

What is the cooling system?

The parts of the engine cooling system include:

  • The water pump
  • Antifreeze (or coolant)
  • Upper radiator hose
  • Radiator
  • Lower radiator hose
  • Several pipes and fans

Coolant (water mixed with antifreeze) travels through the system’s pipes, picking up excess heat along the way. Then, the heat is dispersed into the radiator, where it is sent into the outside air or cycled through the passenger cab.

What does the cooling system do?

It may be called the “cooling” system, but this system does more than simply cool the car.

In fact, the cooling system has three main functions:

  1. Disperse excess engine heat
  2. Quickly heat a cold engine
  3. Maintain optimal engine running temperature

During operation, the engine creates hundreds of controlled explosions. The coolant’s job is to heat the engine to the temperature necessary to run, and then maintain that temperature throughout the drive. As the drive goes on, the engine becomes hotter and hotter. At this point, the coolant begins the process of picking up and dispersing that heat.

Your car’s cooling system has a big job

No, the cooling system is not part of the AC system. However, the cooling system is responsible for cooling, heating and maintaining the engine’s temperature. With regular maintenance, you can avoid an unfortunate roadside breakdown.

If you have any questions about the cooling system or are in need of an inspection, call Christian Brothers Automotive Warwick in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We’ll show you the nice difference!