Lower Fuel Prices and Winter Car Maintenance

Around 46 million travelers will be in cars for holiday travel by the end of the year, according to the AAA. That's up 4 percent over the 2013 holiday season. The best part, though, is that fuel costs will be about 46 cents less per gallon than in 2013. That's a seasonal low five years in the running.

You might even be able to spend more on presents, but finance experts think that higher retail costs could offset any spending gains. Nevertheless, you will have the option to drive more on your fuel budget than you might have thought. If nothing else, that could take the stress off so you can visit family and friends freely.

If you're on the roads for any amount of time, however, the staffers at Christian Brothers in Spring Hill, TN recommend getting a seasonal auto checkup before you head out. With more traveling, your chances of having to cope with icy weather and storms increases.

If you stop in, we will help with the following:

  • Check the battery and alternator
  • Doublecheck the brakes
  • Examine the vehicle for dangerous carbon monoxide
  • Make sure the heater and your car's engine thermostat are working properly
  • Check your car's schedule for things such as spark plug replacement and do it early
  • Check the tire tread and pressure
  • Get winter weight” oil
  • Check the headlamps for winter driving
  • Clean and flush the antifreeze and cooling

You should also do things such as stocking the car with emergency food, clothing and tools. Finally, our techs say you should never let your fuel tank empty fully in order to prevent frozen fuel lines.