Top 5 Questions to Ask your Auto Mechanic

Your local technician should be qualified, experienced and able to thoroughly answer your important car-related questions. Schedule a time to ask your local car mechanic the five most important questions concerning your auto service or repair:

1.Tell me about your certifications, education and training.

Your local mechanic should have classroom education, vocational training, and be ASE-certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.

2.What is wrong with my car?

Your auto mechanic should present a detailed description of your vehicle’s problem in a face-to-face conversation, allowing you to ask questions along the way.

3.When can I pick up my car?

Make sure you understand when your vehicle will be ready before you leave the drop-off appointment.

4.Where do you think the problem started? Was it a lack of maintenance?

By understanding what caused your car trouble in the first place, you’ll be able to better prevent similar issues in the future.

5.Why did my vehicle break down?

Were you overdue for a mileage check? Or, was the breakdown caused by an external factor? Discuss these issues with your local mechanic to better understand the situation.