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Cindy and I invite you to be our guest at either of our Christian Brothers Automotive locations in Omaha or Gretna. At both shops, our teams are our secret sauce; kind and talented people that know what it means to serve others sacrificially. 

As a team we believe that if we first serve one another with humility, urgency, and excellence, we will reflexively serve our guests and community the same. Of course, we do this imperfectly, but each member of our team aspires to this goal and works incredibly hard to accomplish it. As our guest, we hope you sense this culture of sacrificial service from the first moment we meet.  

To hear your stories, get to know your families and care for your vehicles is a great honor and the Lord has surely blessed us with many incredible guests. How can we serve you today? 

About Our Store

Proudly Serving Gretna and Surrounding Areas

Discover unparalleled auto care excellence at Christian Brothers Automotive Gretna, your premier destination for automotive repair and maintenance. Here, we are not just about fixing cars; we are dedicated to infusing joy into every driving experience and transforming how you view automotive service.

We proudly stand as a beacon of exceptional customer service, where every visit is more than just a transaction—it's an opportunity to experience automotive care at its finest. Our commitment to bringing joy back into driving is evident in every service we offer, from routine maintenance to complex repairs.

Our team of highly skilled professionals embodies our core values of transparency, fairness, and putting people first. Founded on these principles, we have consistently delivered outstanding service, ensuring every vehicle in our care performs at its best. Our expertise isn't just in car repair; it's in creating a positive atmosphere that makes every customer feel valued and respected.

Creating Joyful Driving Experiences in Gretna

Christian Brothers Automotive Gretna is deeply invested in the well-being of our community. As a locally owned and operated store, we understand the unique needs and preferences of the area. Familiar with the local driving conditions, we offer tailored solutions designed to meet the specific requirements of our customers, ensuring their vehicles are well-suited to navigate the roads with ease.

We pride ourselves on being a trusted friend and neighbor in the community, going above and beyond to be a vital part of the local landscape. Our dedication to the community and commitment to exceptional customer service set us apart, making us the go-to automotive service provider.

Let us take the wheel when it comes to your automotive repair and maintenance needs and rediscover the joy of driving. With our focus on customer satisfaction and our passion for automotive excellence, we are here to ensure your vehicle keeps you moving forward.

Schedule an appointment or call (402) 819-0741 today to learn more about our auto repair shop!

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