Why Trust is Essential When Choosing a Car Repair Shop

Why Trust is Essential When Choosing a Car Repair Shop

| By: Brandon Pfaffly, Christian Brothers Automotive in Corinth

As much as we’d like to think that everyone who takes care of your car is honest and would never lead you astray, it’s unfortunately just not the case.

In Corinth, Texas, we saw yet another example of this last week. One of our long-time customers was out of the area and had to use another repair facility for an alignment. After a brief inspection, they called her at work and told her the tie rods on her car were completely worn out and needed to be replaced immediately. They even mentioned it was a “dire necessity” to have these parts replaced.

She called me in a panic and asked me what she should do. Since we service her car regularly, I knew the condition of her car from her last visit and found it difficult to believe she needed these parts so badly. I asked her to decline the work at the other shop and bring it to us when she returned home if she felt comfortable doing so.

Upon seeing her vehicle, we quickly determined that she didn’t need ANY WORK AT ALL, not even the alignment!

This example is why we say, “It’s who you know.” There are lots of shops that are capable of fixing cars, but there are very few that you can trust. Check reviews, always with a grain of salt, and look for words like honesty, integrity, excellence, and trust. These compliments are difficult for a shop to earn. If you see a positive trend in an automotive shop's reviews, there is a good chance you are dealing with people you can trust.

Make sure you find the people you can get to know, feel comfortable with, and most importantly, trust. Without this crucial component, there’s no telling how much time and money you stand to lose.

As always, we’re here when you need us. Contact Christian Brothers Automotive Corinth, for car repair experts you can trust.

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