Wheel Alignment in Brandon

If your car is unable to drive in a straight line, and tends to steer off to the right or left, then you have an alignment problem. A bad alignment can cause considerable damage to your vehicle’s suspension. Each time your vehicle’s tires have any sort of work done on them, you should always get an alignment. Christian Brothers Automotive’s ASE-certified specialists are highly trained and know the ins and outs to all automobile alignments.

During our routine Courtesy Inspection, we are always looking out for alignment issues. At Christian Brothers Automotive, we do more than just lift your automobile and review it. Instead, we put it on our cutting-edge alignment lift, and then we secure our computer sensors in order to see if your vehicle needs an alignment.

If your automobile happens to need this service, we will take our time to adjust your alignment to your manufacturer’s settings. As a final step, we will retest your vehicle, to be certain that it is within one-tenth of the original settings.

Our alignment procedure will have your vehicle driving like brand new. No more steering off to the right or left. Come get an alignment solution today at Christian Brothers Automotive in Riverview. Call us to make an appointment or just stop by our auto repair shop near Bloomingdale, located at:

10010 McMullen Road
Riverview, FL 33569