What is a Fluid Flush and Why it is Recommended for Your Vehicle? A Car Owner’s Guide to Preventative Maintenance.

What is a Fluid Flush and Why it is Recommended for Your Vehicle? A Car Owner’s Guide to Preventative Maintenance.

In order for your vehicle to perform at its best, it needs fluids to help keep it lubricated and free of any possible contaminants that build up from general wear-and-tear. However, when the needed fluids get old, friction takes place between metal parts requiring those parts to be replaced. To prevent this from happening, old fluids need to be drained and refilled, ensuring that the vehicle is free of contaminants that could cause problems to your vehicle down the road. This process is called a fluid flush and is used as preventative maintenance to extend the life of your vehicle.

Below are a few recommended fluid flush services that you can have performed on your vehicle at Christian Brothers Miramesa.

Coolant Flush

The cooling system uses antifreeze, or coolant, to regulate the radiator, water pump, thermostat, and other parts of the cooling system in your car. Flushing the cooling system will remove any old fluid or debris that could cause trouble for your engine, including overheating.

Transmission Fluid Flush

Fluid over time gets dirty with residue from the friction of metal-to-metal parts or based components in the vehicle. Flushing the transmission fluid avoids future transmission repairs, including problems shifting gears, gear slippage, vehicle surging, and delayed movement from your vehicle.

Brake Fluid Flush

Our most popular flush requested is the brake fluid flush. A brake fluid flush is not subject to friction, rather a natural property of the fluid is hygroscopic, meaning that the fluid tends to absorb water or moisture from the environment. Over a period of time it is important to replace the fluid to protect the ABS module, brake calipers, and master cylinder from corroding internally which could cause delayed or failed braking.

Power Steering Flush

Once a car has experienced heavy use, contaminated particles can get stuck in the power steering pump, causing damage to the pump and limiting the ability to control the vehicle. Flushing the power steering system reduces the risk of failure, often seen in steering gear seals, pumps, and hoses. Having the power steering systems flushed is a great way to prevent future steering fluid leaks.

Christian Brothers Miramesa and Fluid Flush Services

It is important to mention that Christian Brothers Miramesa always follows manufacture recommendations when performing fluid flushes on a vehicle. Before working on a vehicle, we present to our customers a fluid tray, comparing the current status of their fluids versus how the fluids should look.

If you have any question about your fluids please don’t hesitate to call Christian Brothers Automotive Miramesa. We always conduct a fluid health check with every visit at no additional cost to our customers. Give us a call today at 832-251-7939 or set up an appointment to do a FREE fluid health check on your vehicle.