Enhance Your Comfort with Auto AC Repairs

Here are three areas that we’ll consider when working with your vehicle’s air conditioner:

Air Filters

Your air filter helps keep the air in your car clean and fresh. But if one gets too dirty, it can impede the flow of air. The good thing is that it is affordable and fast to swap out a filter. When you visit Christian Brothers, we’ll have your cabin air filter in stock and handle the replacement for you.


Keeping the right balance with your fluid can be difficult. Excessive fluid can stop the system from keeping the air cool, while not enough fluid can ruin it. We can ensure that your work is done right. Additionally, we may suggest a cooling system flush to remove your current fluid, which can become acidic, and replace it with something new. This will extend the usability of your system.


As your AC system ages, it can develop cracks and leaks. If this issue exists with your vehicle, we’ll locate and fix these leaks to restore functionality.

Centennial AC Specialists

We’re your resource for any AC repair projects, no matter how big they may be. We’ll do what it takes to ensure your car is cool and comfortable during the summer.