Brake Pads – What to know

Brake Pads – What to know

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

The fun of summer road trips is finally here, but getting in the driver’s seat and hitting the road isn’t the only thing to think about. You will have to consider brakes in a few moments. If yours are in need of repair, you might have some things to consider.

A great set of pads will last a year or so. The most popular pad makers use organic, metallic or ceramic material to fashion the replacement pads. This brake pad presses against the rotor, causing enough pressure to stop the wheels.

After a car has burned through its first set of manufacturer pads, it needs new ones. There’s also performance capacity to think about. In this blog, we’ll talk about your brake pad repair options so you can stop on a dime. The factors to consider are wear, dust, noise, fade resistance and stopping power.

First, think about what it’s made of. In most cases, the most expensive brakes are semi-metallic. The driver doesn’t have to worry about brake fade issues relative to their ability to handle heat. These metallic pads can be bothersome from the get go due to noise, and they cause dusty rotors. At Christian Brothers of RichmondRichmond, our skilled technicians don’t recommend semi-metallics for most vehicles.

Now for organic pads. Ideal for comfort, they’re at the bottom for stopping power.

Let’s get to ceramics. These are a top choice since asbestos brake pads were found out to be dangerous, and a fantastic alternative for most vehicles. Ceramics are good for heat tolerance and fade resistance. They don’t stop working too fast, either. Beyond that, they aren’t dusty. They are not good enough for racing though.

You also need to understand how the brakes are created. It’s the deifference between glue, or molding. Your factory-installed brake pads were molded right with the shim at intense pressures.

For most discount varieties, glue is used instead. You might have inconsistency.

The friendly brake replacement team at Christian Brothers can tell you more. Call for a time for repair right away!

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