How To Protect Your Car from Transmission Damage in Katy

How To Protect Your Car from Transmission Damage in Katy

| By: How To Protect Your Car from Transmission Damage in Katy

The ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive North Katy in Texas are going to discuss the finer details of transmission maintenance and cleaning. The next time you walk into your local Katy auto shop, you won’t feel so intimidated by your mechanic!

Why transmission fluid is important

The transmission fluid is the lifeblood of your car’s whole system. It flows through the transmission components to lubricate and cool so that everything runs smoothly and without overheating. It’s normal for transmission fluid to degrade overtime. As the fluid ages, its ability to thoroughly lubricate and cool the system down will diminish.

Contamination of the transmission fluid will also cause a number of problems. To combat dirt and other particles found on the road, the transmission has a filter to block these from entering the system with the fluid. An easy way to protect your entire transmission system is to regularly clean the fluid.

Aside from quality, the fluid level is also an important consideration. Without the correct fluid pressure, the gears may not engage correctly and may cause the transmission to feel like it’s slipping when it shifts gears.

Transmission Service at your Katy auto shop

At Christian Brothers Automotive North Katy, we know the transmission can be a pain to deal with. That’s why we have experts to help you take care of any minor issues before they turn into major repairs. We always back our work with the 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference warranty. We want you to know you’re getting quality service from a reputable auto shop. Call Christian Brothers Automotive in Katy, Texas to schedule your next transmission service. See the nice difference!

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