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Alignment Repair at Christian Brothers Automotive

Have you noticed your vehicle pulling to side of the road? Does your steering wheel seem crooked, even when moving in a straight line? The steering wheel indicates an alignment problem that isn’t only a nuisance, but a larger problem for your tires and suspension system.

Tires are an investment so you probably make all efforts to avoid wearing them out prematurely. Regular alignment checks can prevent your tires and the rest of your vehicle expensive replacements. The best full service place for vehicle repairs around Norman, OK is Christian Brothers Automotive. Our highly trained technicians have the latest computerized alignment tools. With the tech and certifications Christian Brothers Automotive will realign your vehicle accurately.

How We Align Your Vehicle

We inspect your car for signs of alignment issues any time you visit the Norman Christian Brothers Automotive as a portion of our Courtesy Inspection. Alignment problems aren’t always noticeable and can do severe damage to your vehicle if left untreated. You could take thousands of drivable miles if your vehicle’s alignment is off-center. Your tires erode faster if they aren’t worn evenly. If more wear occurs in one place, it can compromise the tire and force early replacement or a tear.

Our Christian Brothers Automotive experts take on extensive alignment education. This is necessary because we have to place your car on the lift and connect it to alignment sensors that detect alignment. With the right methods and tech, we return your car’s alignment back to factory settings. After these changes, we double check your vehicle precisely to a tenth of a degree to ensure your car’s alignment is perfectly set. If you are worried that you might not have free time for this thorough alignment check, we offer a complimentary local ride service to take you to work, school or home.

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No matter what automobile you drive, correct alignment is necessary. Misalignment affects your tires along with other parts of your vehicle. You should ask for an alignment adjustment every time you get new tires. If you are uncertain of the last time your vehicle had realignment, contact Christian Brothers Automotive today.

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