Is Your Car Due for Scheduled Attention with Christian Bros College Station TX

Is Your Car Due for Scheduled Attention with Christian Bros College Station TX

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

We've all heard about checking the oil, and it's pretty clear – or maybe we should say streaky – when you need new wipers, but many people don't think about maintenance when their vehicles reach milestones such as 60,000, 50,000, or 100,000 miles. This can mean financially devastating problems such as your car wearing out too quickly or even your car being junked. It could also puts you in danger of being scammed by unscrupulous mechanics, resellers and dealerships.

We've jotted down some thoughts to start your learning about car maintenance issues:

  • Don't forget car washes: Looking good is very different from working properly a lot of the time, but keeping your car nice and tidy can be considered part of maintenance. If you don't often go to the car wash, the residue will cause real trouble.
  • Make a checklist: It can be easy to skip vehicle maintenance work, but an easy method for getting everything done is to create a checklist of everything your auto requires right when you drive it home. Then, you can document it all as your auto is maintained. If a paper list isn't for you, there are simple electronic tools.
  • Keep a log: If you kept a written list of everything mechanical that is done to your auto, you will be better off You can use a list to track service appointments, and you can also track things such as repairs and replacements with this simple trick. Consider adding mileage and data about oil checks to the log to help track fuel efficiency and spot leaks early.
  • Check out your manual: All vehicles have a manual specific to them, and these manuals contain the official recommendations for maintenance for your auto. These recommendations can vary from one car to another, so they end up having to rely on what potentially dishonest mechanics say about what their vehicle needs. We keep track of the correct specs for every car we service at Christian Brothers Automotive in College Station, TX, but you can't blindly believe all mechanics. If you do, it could cost a pile of money over the years.

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