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Do you ever notice your car or truck moving to side of the road? Is the steering wheel not centered even when you travel straight? If this sounds familiar, your car or truck may be experiencing alignment issue. While it’s an inconvenient issue, but it can apply serious stress to your suspension system and tires.

It’s likely you are careful with your tires because they’re so expensive. A simple analysis of your alignment will help spot issues before it worsens. Christian Brothers Automotive is a one-stop shop for your alignment troubles. We have invested a respectable amount of money on the latest and greatest computerized alignment machines. With the tools and training Christian Brothers Automotive will realign your car or truck precisely.

How We Realign Your Vehicle

We examine your vehicle for symptoms of alignment issues whenever you come to your local Christian Brothers Automotive as a portion of our Courtesy Inspection. Alignment problems aren’t always noticeable and can do severe harm to your car or truck if left untreated. Even subtle changes can cause uneven tire wear and take thousands of miles from your vehicle. Your tires wear out faster if they wear down unevenly. Uneven wear raises the likelihood of blownout tires and frequent replacement.

Our Christian Brothers Automotive specialists undergo extensive alignment training. To initiate the alignment process, your vehicle is placed on an alignment lift and attached to computerized sensors to judge if any adjustments are necessary. Christian Brothers Automotive will adjust your alignment back to the manufacturer’s original specifications. After the adjustments, we double check your car or truck down to a tenth of a degree to ensure your car’s alignment sits correctly. Christian Brothers Automotive offers a complimentary local ride service to work, school or home if you’re worried about scheduling conflicts.

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Alignment adjustment is a crucial service for your car or truck. Bad alignment affects your tires and other parts of your car or truck. This is why alignments are best when coupled with fresh tires. If you aren’t sure when the last time your vehicle had realignment, visit Christian Brothers Automotive today.

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