San Antonio Mechanics Explain Slipping Transmission Problems

San Antonio Mechanics Explain Slipping Transmission Problems

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Transmission service is something that most neglect to maintain over the years you own your vehicle. It’s always a good idea to check your owner’s manual to see when your automatic transmission fluid should be changed and have the fluid level topped off at each oil change. This care to your car’s maintenance will save you from major mechanical damage like a slipping transmission.

A transmission will start to go for many reasons. Today, the mechanics at Christian Brothers Automotive Alamo Heights are going tell you what you need to know about your car in relation to transmission problems.

Wear and Tear On Components

The number one reason for transmission failure is wear and tear on components. The gears or clutch may have worn down to the point where they actually slip when trying to adjust gears. It’s a fact of life that cars do wear out over time with the daily use of your car. Pay attention to hearing odd noises coming from your car as you drive it. It may be a gear grinding sound or odd humming noise. Don’t wait to bring your vehicle to a San Antonio auto repair place as soon as you can! If a transmission band is broken down, you may have to deal with more engine problems later on down the road.

Low Fluid Pressure

The next conclusion you might come to if your transmission feels like it’s catching is low transmission fluid pressure. The fluid is there to regulate all the parts so that they work correctly. If the fluid is low, it might have your transmission to not fully working. On many cars, it’s possible to look at the fluid levels with a dipstick under the hood. However, some cars and trucks don’t have a dipstick. It’s in situations like these where a professional mechanic at your local San Antonio auto repair shop needs to get under your car or truck and take a look.

How To Fix a Slipping Transmission

Once the issue is looked at, it can be less of a problem to fix the transmission. You might need is a little bit more transmission fluid. On most vehicles, transmission filters and fluid are easy to replace. At Christian Brothers Automotive Alamo Heights, we suggest a full transmission flush to completely get rid of the old fluid. The typical drain and refill services only replaces about half of the fluid.

Any worn out parts like a shift gear of transmission band should be changed as soon as possible. In some cases, the shift gear might need to be adjusted to correct position rather than being replaced. It all depends on how early the transmission problem is taken care of.

At Christian Brothers Automotive Alamo Heights, our expert staff understands transmission troubles! After we figure out what is wrong with the transmission we’ll let you know what the repair entails, and the best fix before we work on your car. Know that we are a quality, honest automotive establishment with our 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference warranty! Call us today at Christian Brothers Automotive in Alamo Heights, San Antonio to schedule your transmission service and see the nice difference!

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