Important Car Care Tips for Winter Road Trips

1) Make sure your oil has been changed recently.

As the temperature falls, the thickness of your car’s motor oil will change. If it gets too thick, your car won’t be able to start on cold winter days. This is why there are multi-grade oils that will work at both cold and hot temperatures. When the engine oil is functioning properly, it coats the moving parts of the engine, protecting them from rust. If you don’t change the oil regularly, you are putting your vehicle’s health at risk.

2) Maintain your tires for better traction.

When the road conditions become hazardous during the holiday weather, preventing your car from slipping and sliding can be challenging. Why? The air pressure in your tires decreases in colder temperatures, leaving them somewhat flat. Your vehicle may remind you with a low tire-pressure warning light that you need to put more air in.

Another important factor is the tread on your tires. Car tires with less than 1/8th inch of tread are unsafe to drive. To maintain contact with the road, make sure your tires have enough tread and replace them immediately if they do not!

3) Brakes are the most important safety feature.

Arguably the most important weapon you have on slick, icy roads is the ability to break suddenly. If you find your brakes squeaking while you’re driving this holiday season or you need to press the brake pedal harder, you need to get your brakes inspected immediately by a local expert in San Antonio, Texas. Remember, even though you may be able to brake fine on dry roads, it doesn’t mean your brakes can perform in wet weather.

Holiday Maintenance in San Antonio, TX

At Christian Brothers Automotive Alamo Heights, it’s our job to keep you and your family safe on the road this winter. With lots of drivers already distracted by cell phones or fatigued from traveling long distances, it’s important to make sure your car is ready to perform in poor weather conditions. It could be the difference between a happy holiday and an accident. Call Christian Brothers Automotive Alamo Heights in San Antonio, Texas for a free courtesy inspection. Stay safe during your holiday travels, and see the nice difference!