Christian Brothers Automotive Alamo Heights Has An Extra Surprise For One Single Mom!

Since 2005, Christian Brothers Automotive stores across the nation celebrate their local communities by providing free oil changes to single moms and widows.

Our San Antonio automotive shop is always thrilled to participate!

The dedicated staff at Christian Brothers Automotive Alamo Heights is celebrating another successful National Service Day.

Our San Antonio auto repair shop serves the local community

This year, we were able to serve 30 vehicles! Along with providing free food, drinks and kids’ coloring books, our ASE-certified technicians performed 30 oil changes free of charge for single moms and widows in the San Antonio area.

We’re honored to serve our San Antonio community

At Christian Brothers Automotive Alamo Heights, we’re excited to serve our loyal San Antonio community any way possible.

Along with a free oil change, our automotive shop gave a little something extra to one mom.

Community Bible Church located a previously owned washing machine, performed the needed repairs, and presented the gift to a single mom in need.

On the outside of the washing machine, ladies in the community who came by for oil changes wrote messages of encouragement.

The enthusiastic team at Christian Brothers Automotive Alamo Heights in San Antonio, Texas is privileged to serve such a great community!

The great photography work was performed by Charles Parish of Charles Parish Photography.