Drivetrain & Suspension in Katy, TX

Drivetrain or Suspension Problems? Our team can help you control the systems that control your car.
Katy Drivetrain & Suspension Services Promoting Control and Smoothness in Your Drive

Drivetrain is the system that connects your foot on the gas pedal to actual forward motion of the car. Your accelerator doesn’t move your tires, it actually powers the drive axels that power the wheels. And while these systems make your car go, your suspension is there to control the relative motion between the cab of the car and what the tires are experiencing down on the road. Without these systems working properly, drivers lose control and all hope for a smooth, comfortable ride.

We want you to have power over your car and the ability to enjoy your ride without bouncing around in the car and quite possibly causing chiropractic problems, and we have the means to make that happen. Our mechanics have been in the industry for over 30 years, have served thousands of happy customers, and guarantee our repairs for 24,000 miles or 2 years. Call Christian Brothers Automotive today in Katy at (832) 648-1443 to ensure tailored, quality services on your automobile.

Service Warranty All services are backed up with a service warranty.
  • 24 Months
  • 24k Miles
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    Christian Brothers Automotive offers auto repair service and maintenance for every vehicle. Gas or diesel, foreign or domestic, car or truck – no matter the vehicle, we have the expertise and experience to fix it right the first time.

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