The Different Types of Drivetrains

The Different Types of Drivetrains

Front-wheel Drive (FWD)

A vehicle with front-wheel drive means that all of the engine’s power is being sent to the two front wheels. This means that the drivetrain is essentially pulling the car down the road and effectively gives the car more traction. You can expect more stability, predictability and dependability during the winter season when the roads get a little icy. Examples of vehicles with front-wheel drivetrains would be Toyota Camry or the Honda Accord.

Rear-wheel Drive (RWD)

The opposite of the FWD drivetrain, rear-wheel drivetrains concentrate all the engine’s power to the back two wheels. This also means that the car is effectively being pushed down the road. This kind of drivetrain configuration is ill advised for those who live in areas that experience icy winters because the level of traction isn’t very high. Despite this, rear-wheel drive vehicles are usually well balanced and offer superior braking and handling. Examples of RWD would be the Lexus IS Series and the BMW 3 Series.

All-wheel Drive (AWD)

This drivetrain system is a little more complex because the engine is powering all four wheels. It has fluid-filled differentials or gears and advanced electronics which enable the engine to send power to all four wheels. Unlike four-wheel drive, AWD vehicles offer vast and highly improved capability for winter driving on slippery and wet roads. Examples of vehicles with AWD include the Subaru Legacy and the Acura RL.

Four-wheel Drive (4WD)

While four-wheel drive is similar to AWD in how the engine’s power is being sent to all four wheels, 4WD is typically more robust because it’s designed to handle off-road driving. Some examples of 4WD vehicles include the Range Rover or the Ford F150.

These are the four different types of drivetrains, and the ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive in Yukon, Oklahoma can help you solve any drivetrain problem you may face. Contact us today to set up your drivetrain maintenance today and see the nice difference.