Our Yukon Technicians Help You Understand The Signs Of A Compromised Drivetrain Or Suspension

We field questions from Oklahoma drivers every day regarding various aspects of vehicle maintenance and repair. When you have all necessary information, you can take care of your car the right way and have a reliable method of transportation for years to come.

Two of the most fundamental components of your car’s drivability are the drivetrain and suspension systems. These two essential elements affect every part of the vehicle’s operation and require regular maintenance to stay in peak condition.

Unfortunately, these two systems are often the most overlooked. To fully understand proper care of the drivetrain and suspension, here are signs your car is in trouble.

Symptoms of drivetrain problems

There are a few key signs of a compromised drivetrain to look out for.

The signs of a faulty drivetrain include:

  • Strange or unfamiliar noises
  • Shutters and vibrations
  • Shifting problems
  • Strange smells
  • Leaking fluids
  • Malfunctioning indicator lights

If you drive a large pick-up truck or another vehicle regularly used for towing, your drivetrain may require more frequently scheduled maintenance. It’s important to realize your drivetrain will not last forever. Check your vehicle owner’s manual to know the right intervals to schedule a drivetrain inspection or maintenance service.

Symptoms of suspension problems

There are a few symptoms of a damaged suspension to be aware of.

The signs of a faulty suspension include:

  • Uneven or unusual tire wear
  • Trouble braking or increased stopping distance
  • Odd noises when going over bumps
  • Odd noises while turning
  • Decreased handling and drive
  • Excessive bouncing or swaying

Regular alignment adjustments and check-ups can benefit other parts of the vehicle as well. Your suspension system does not operate in a vacuum, and a problem with the suspension can negatively impact your brakes, tires or drivetrain.

Trust the Christian Brothers Automotive nice difference

During the check-in process at our Yukon auto repair shop, our friendly staff gathers as much information as possible on your vehicle. We ask how long you’ve had the vehicle, what it’s used for and how long you plan to keep it.

This information, along with the results of our complimentary courtesy inspection, help ensure your drivetrain and suspension are up to the task.

Regular drivetrain and suspension maintenance can save you time, save you money and extend the life of your vehicle. To schedule drivetrain and suspension service today, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Yukon, Oklahoma!