Why Is That Sound Coming From My Exhaust System?

Is there a loud, obnoxious sound coming from your exhaust system? If so, there may be a leak in the exhaust system. The Christian Brothers Automotive Woodway technicians are here to help you understand why a leaking exhaust is a problem, and how to keep your vehicle safe.

Today, our ASE-certified professionals explain that odd noise coming from the exhaust. Before we explain an exhaust leak, there are a few things you need to know about the exhaust system itself.

How the exhaust system works

Your exhaust system is made up of several pipes, all connected throughout your vehicle. Exhaust first exists the engine, then travels through this system of pipes into the tailpipe.

Exhaust fumes travel from the engine, through the exhaust manifold, then into the catalytic converter. The catalytic convertor (or ‘cat’) clarifies the chemicals of most toxins, making the fumes safe to leave the car and enter the outside air.

Once the exhaust fumes are safe for the environment, they pass through the muffler, which tones down the noise the exhaust system makes. This allows for a peaceful drive.

Why your exhaust system wears out over time

Your car’s engine produces and releases a large amount of harsh chemicals, and it’s on the exhaust system to break down and contain the poisons. A well-maintained exhaust system should last two to three years, but the exhaust pipes will be sustaining damage during this time.

Outside the car, your exhaust pipes are taking damage from the road, flying debris, road salt and intense weather conditions. Inside the car, the debris and chemicals from the engine’s combustion process begin to eat away at the system designed to contain them. The pipes are constantly wearing down and slowly corroding.

How to recognize a leak in the exhaust system

If not detected soon, your exhaust pipes will eventually rot away from corrosion. If they don’t rust through, the connections between the pipes can still come loose.

An exhaust leak is the consequence of this process. A leak is almost always apparent with a loud, obnoxious sound. There could possibly be drivability issues as well, such as an intermittent fluctuation in power.

If the leak is after the cat, it’s going to be irritating and disrupt your drive. If it occurs before the cat, your exhaust system could be leaking hazardous fumes into the air before they have a chance to be cleared of all toxins.

The only way to know for sure whether the leak occurs before or after the catalytic converter is with an inspection at our Woodway auto repair shop. If you suspect an exhaust leak, call for an appointment immediately.

The nice difference in Woodway exhaust service

Don’t risk your car’s function or your family’s health. As soon as you hear your exhaust system begin to rattle or rumble, call our auto repair shop in Woodway for an exhaust system inspection.

Our professional technicians will determine the source of your leak and ensure your car is safe to drive on. To schedule an exhaust check today, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Woodway, Texas.