What Are Your Car’s Air Filters Trying To Say?

How often should your car’s air filter be replaced? Every 20,000 miles? Once a year? Is it safe to wait 3 years or more? Do you even know the last time your air filtration system was inspected?

Your vehicle’s air filtration system is absolutely essential. Without it, you would be breathing in the smog, allergens and environmental pollutants surrounding the car. When your air filters are neglected, you could be in for a very bumpy ride. There are two convicting reasons why your car’s air filters need to be replaced regularly.

1. Debris corrode your engine

As your engine air intake filter builds up with more and more pollutants, bits of waste and debris can enter the engine. This is dangerous because these abrasive substances act as shrapnel. While insect legs and small pieces of dirt seem inconsequential, they can take a serious toll on your engine.

These little bits of debris tear apart the engine. As the engine’s metal is shaved away, more waste accumulates and the engine degrades. At first, this affects your oil pressure and AC system. If the situation is neglected over time, the entire engine could fail.

2. Contaminants affect the fuel-air mixture

To run at maximum efficiency, your car needs a certain air to fuel ratio. When dangerous substances enter the engine, they pollute this fuel-air mix. The flow of clean oxygen into the fuel is reduced and added strain is put on the engine. The fuel cannot ignite properly, which steals the engine’s power.

In fact, the US Department of Energy cites a 6% to 11% loss in acceleration power when a vehicle is running with a filthy air filter. When the engine has to work twice as hard to perform, your gas mileage and fuel economy are reduced. One day, the air filter could become so weighed down with dirt, the engine may stop working altogether.

It’s easy to keep your air filters clean and healthy!

A simple trip to the auto repair shop can keep your air filtration system well maintained. Just request an air filter inspection with every other oil change. When it is time for an air filter replacement (usually after 6,000 miles), the process is quick and affordable.

If it’s time for your air filters to be replaced, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Weatherford, Texas today. We’ll keep your engine breathing easy!