5 Answers To The Questions Every Weatherford Driver Asks About Their Car’s Brake System

Your vehicle’s brake system is crucial. And yet, drivers in North Texas have questions about how the brakes actually work and how to maintain them.

With winter road conditions on their way, it’s time to make sure your system can stop on a dime.

Our ASE-certified technicians will help you know the basics about brakes when you go into any Weatherford auto repair shop. Here are five questions the technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Weatherford hear all the time:

1. What is the anti-lock brake system? Why is it important?

Rather than slam the brake pads against the system to stop your car, the Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) pumps the brakes very quickly to slow your car down. The pumping motion created allows the driver to maintain control over the vehicle as it comes to a complete stop. This technology is especially helpful in emergencies,

2. How often should brake pads be replaced?

The rate your brake pads wear down will vary by vehicle type and driving habits. To help your brake pads last longer, avoid slamming on the brakes. Instead, get into the habit of coming to a gradual stop. A good rule of thumb, however, is to schedule a brake pad replacement once a year.

3. Brakes are fine until I hear grinding or squeaks, right?

If you hear a grinding noise while braking, you could already be in trouble. A grinding noise means the brake parts are coming into contact with the rotors. This can cause a lot of damage and increase the price of the repair. Again, it’s best to schedule a brake pad replacement once a year to ensure they never wear too thin.

4. Do I really need to replace brake fluid?

Most manufacturers suggest brake fluid replacement every 30,000 miles. Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid allowing for the movements of your brakes. To function, this fluid has to stand up to high heat and pressure. Every couple of years, it’s helpful to flush the entire system.

5. Are all brakes the same?

All brake systems are not the same. Unfortunately, cheap brake parts have been known to crack under extreme heat. That’s why our expert technicians only use quality parts that will last. We know what it takes to provide exceptional service the first time so you don’t have to come back in to our shop.

We’re proud of our work and show it with our 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference Warranty. Call the professionals at Christian Brothers Automotive in Weatherford, Texas today for a complete brake inspection. Maintain your brake system and stay safe this holiday season.