Save Cash – You Don’t Need Premium Fuel

Premium gas isn’t more rich with engine cleaners and rarely impacts performance. It’s a false idea spread by the oil industry. Read the owner’s manual. If premium fuel isn’t listed specifically, skip it. If the requirement isn’t there, avoid premium and save money.

When automobile engines aren’t created for premium gasoline, they will not ever benefit from the higher-octane fuel. It is all about combustion. Premium gas ignites at a higher temperature, so it can handle high levels of compression before reigniting. It also has a lower concentration of heptanes, which also prevents reignition. Even the Federal Trade Commission agrees – there’s no benefit for it in the average tank.

In cases where the owner’s manual does list a need for premium fuel, you can still probably skip it. This is especially true for autos built since 1996 because those engines are likely to have technology that adjusts to different octanes. With higher-performance engines that are intended to use premium fuel, the low-temperature can mean better performance. The expensive gas also prevents knocking or pinging noise. However, if you aren’t racing or hauling heavy loads, the difference in engine performance is minor but the price is much higher. The only exception is for cars that have knocking when regular fuel is in the tank, even under everyday driving conditions. For these vehicles, do a little more research or talk to one of our ACE-certified mechanics about using the right fuel.

Is There a Diesel vs. Gasoline Rule?

While it’s not usually wise to use premium gas over regular unleaded never try diesel in a gas engine. If you drive a diesel, filling the tank with gasoline will cause it to fail completely. Then, you’ll have to pay the high costs of flushing the system of gasoline. Diesel is thick and oily compared to gasoline, and diesel vs. gas engines are different in many ways. First, diesel engines don’t include spark plugs. Instead, the fuel is injected directly and ignited by heat. With gasoline, fuel and air are mixed first and then the spark plugs ignite the mixture.

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