Free Auto Repair Inspections for Springfield

Whether your vehicle is suffering from a performance issue, making a strange noise, or simply needs a check-up for early signs of wear and tear, you can turn to the auto repair experts at Christian Brothers Automotive Springfield.

Springfield’s Auto Repair Specialists

A no-cost Courtesy Inspection from Christian Brothers Automotive Springfield isn’t just the right choice for your wallet — it’s also the right choice for your vehicle. With Christian Brothers Automotive Springfield, you can rest assured that your vehicle is being handled and inspected by experienced auto repair technicians, using advanced diagnostic tools and equipment.

In fact, our technicians use the same equipment and diagnostic methods as your car’s manufacturer. That means testing, disassembling, checking, and reassembling each major part and system in your vehicle.

Auto repair Courtesy Inspections at Christian Brothers Automotive Springfield cover:

  • Instrument gauges
  • Brake fluid
  • Timing belt or timing chain
  • Air conditioning
  • Motor oil
  • Taillights
  • Steering gear, power steering pump and hoses
  • CV joints
  • Radiator and hoses
  • Suspension components

While other auto repair centers perform local inspections — only checking the areas where they think there might be a problem — at Christian Brothers Automotive Springfield, we know that a full-vehicle inspection is the best way to catch small issues before they turn into bigger (and costlier) problems.

Honest & Trusted Auto Repair Estimates

At Christian Brothers Automotive Springfield, we never perform auto repair work of any kind without your permission. Instead, we follow up on each inspection by explaining any issues or damage that we found, along with any work you need to get your vehicle back to road-ready condition.

Any auto repair or maintenance work that we suggest will be accompanied by a full and transparent estimate. We promise that this estimate will contain no overcharges or hidden costs. Though we might not suggest the cheapest short-term fix, we will always suggest the best choice for your vehicle and wallet long-term. That assurance is backed by our extra-mile Nice difference® warranty, which covers 24 months and 24,000 miles on most auto repairs at Christian Brothers Automotive Springfield.

Book your vehicle’s no-cost Courtesy Inspection with the auto repair experts at Christian Brothers Automotive Springfield. Call (417) 799-3345 today to schedule your car’s drop-off.