Drivetrain & Suspension Service in Southwest Fort Worth, Texas

Christian Brothers Automotive in Southwest Ft. Worth has a group of ASE-certified suspension and drivetrain specialists. A drivetrain is comprised of various vehicle components that collaborate to make the automobile move. The exhaust system, engine, suspension, drive shaft, transmission and wheels power your vehicle and keep it grounded while driving. Maintaining an automobile's drivetrain enhances the engine's performance and saves you money at the gas pump.

A shock absorber balances the car. It likewise makes it possible for the tires to receive power from the automobile's engine. The suspension system soaks up the power from bumps, dips and other dangerous road objects.

Signs of a Damaged Suspension

  • Uncommon wear to the tires
  • Recurring resonances
  • Positioning problems
  • Hearing loud sounds while driving

All Christian Brothers Automotive ASE-certified technicians will offer you industry-leading suspension and drivetrain solutions. Not taking care of a drivetrain or suspension car issue will cause considerable car damage and can cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs.

Are you in the market for drivetrain or suspension service on your vehicle? Give Christian Brothers Automotive near Kindred Hospital a phone call to set up a drivetrain and suspension repair or drop in our car repair center located at:

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