Our Experts Bust 4 Car Battery Myths

Our Experts Bust 4 Car Battery Myths

Many drivers hear car repair and maintenance myths, and have a difficult time separating fact from fiction. That’s okay! It’s why the experts are here. To help you sort out the truth, the ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive South Western Ave. are going to bust some of the most common car battery myths.

Disconnect the battery while traveling

This is a bad idea. Many systems in your car or truck require continuous power to operate. If you disconnect the battery, even for a little while, these systems may not work properly again. To avoid this, invest in a car battery maintenance charger. The charger will ensure your battery stays fully charged while you are away.

A discharged battery is fine – no action required

A discharged battery should not be ignored. When a battery has fully discharged, or flattened, the alternator in the car tries to recharge the battery itself. This added load on the alternator and engine will cause your vehicle to use significantly more fuel. This will negatively impact fuel economy, and could damage the alternator.

Use tap water to refill the water level

It is never okay to use tap water in car batteries. Tap water has not been filtered and can produce mineral build up that blocks the pores and coats the plates of the battery. Instead, only use distilled, deionized or demineralized water. You can keep a gallon in your trunk or garage for emergencies.

Batteries last longer in hot climates

Hot climates and extreme heat will, like what we face in Oklahoma, actually kill a car battery faster than cold environments. This is due to water loss, heat distortion and an increase in corrosion. It’s always important to ensure top off the battery with electrolytes, make sure heat shields are replaced regularly, and keep the battery at full charge.

Did you believe any of these myths? If so, that’s okay. Many do. Make an appointment at Christian Brothers Automotive South Western Ave, and we’ll give you the full truth about your battery. Call our Oklahoma City auto repair shop for an appointment today, and we’ll show you the nice difference!