Three Common Questions Oklahoma Drivers Ask About Brake Pads

Three Common Questions Oklahoma Drivers Ask About Brake Pads

Over the course of your vehicle’s life, you will need to maintain almost every system within the car or truck. In addition to regular oil changes, one aspect that needs to be regularly checked and maintained is the brake system. Brake rotors need to be resurfaced, the brake fluid needs to be replaced, and your brake pads should always maintain a certain thickness to ensure a safe drive.

To guarantee you’re driving with a safe brake system, the expert technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive South Western Ave in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma are here to answer a few frequently asked brake pad questions. When it comes to brake service in Oklahoma, you can trust our ASE-certified brake repair experts!

1. When should brake pads be replaced?

Even the experienced technicians at our auto repair shop in Oklahoma City find it difficult to estimate when your brake pads will need to be changed out. Your car’s brake system can wear faster or slower depending on your driving habits. To stay on the safe side, we recommend checking the thickness of your brake pads with every oil change.

2. How much do new pads cost?

You get what you pay for with brake pads, and there are several options to choose from. The costs of a brake pad replacement can vary, as different types of pads have different price points. Cheap brake pads will wear out much faster, and luxury vehicle often require more expensive parts. Regardless of cost, it’s important to replace your brake pads as soon as they begin to wear thin. Thin brake pads cause the system to wear down the brake rotors and calipers, which will only cause more severe (and more expensive) damage over time.

3. How do I know it’s time for my brake pads to be replaced?

A high-pitched screeching sound or a low, grinding noise while braking are symptoms which indicate your brake pads, and maybe even the rotors, have worn down. If this is the case, they need to be replaced soon. You may be able to tell if your rotors are damaged or warped if your steering wheel shakes or vibrates when you brake. To determine whether your brake pads are thinning before they begin to cause more damage, ask your Oklahoma City mechanic to inspect their quality during every oil change.

If you have any questions regarding your system or the services offered at Christian Brothers Automotive South Western Ave, don’t hesitate to call. Our professional, friendly automotive technicians are always ready to lend a helping hand. For exceptional Oklahoma City brake service, call to schedule an appointment today.