Engine Services in Shawnee, KS

Get immediate engine repair if you notice oil leaks. Usually oil leaks from an automobile’s engine because the seals have dried out and gotten hard. When this takes place the seals will not work properly. Disregarding an oil leakage could result in major and costly engine troubles.

Tune-ups are a wonderful way to steer clear of future issues with your car. Many tune-ups include spark plug replacements, resetting the timing belt, replacing air and fuel filters, fixing wheel alignment and evaluation of all engine components.

The most common engine repair includes the vehicle’s timing chain or belt. Christian Brothers Automotive suggests that you have it inspected every 60,000 miles.

Christian Brothers Automotive can inform you when you need to have your automobile’s fluids flushed and a fuel injection cleaning. Having an engine with the effective fluid in it will make your car perform appropriately and prevent the need for engine and transmission repair.

Christian Brothers Automotive in Shawnee takes satisfaction in being an honest and competent auto repair shop. Because we are a Christian automotive company, we incorporate Christian morals into everything we do. We will certainly never upsell you on a car part your automobile does not require, nor will we ever execute a car repair without telling you first. Call us at (913) 721-4773 or visit our auto repair shop near Lake Quivira for all vehicle engine repairs.