Wheel Alignment in Schertz, TX 78154

If your vehicle doesn’t drive straight, then you have an alignment problem. A poor wheel alignment can cause significant damage to your vehicle’s suspension. Whenever you have work done on your tires, you should always get a wheel alignment. Christian Brothers Automotive’s ASE-certified mechanics are experts in alignment adjustments.

During our routine Courtesy Inspection, we always look for wheel alignment problems with your vehicle. Christian Brothers Automotive does more than simply lift your automobile and examine it. We secure it on our cutting-edge alignment lift, then we connect computer sensors to your vehicle to determine whether or not your car needs alignment service.

If it turns out that your car does need this service, then we will fix your alignment and re-examine your car to see if it is within one-tenth of the manufacturer’s initial settings.

Our wheel alignment technique makes your vehicle drive like brand new. If your vehicle isn’t driving straight, give Christian Brothers Automotive in Schertz a phone call, or drop by our location near Natural Bridge Caverns today.