The Pros And Cons Of Extended Warranty Service From Our Schertz Auto Shop

Even with new technologies emerging, Schertz consumers recognize the benefits of staying with the same vehicle for 10 years instead of 3.

Because their cars are sticking around for more years, the idea of extended warranty service has become more appealing. Many manufacturer warranties expire between 36,000 and 100,000 miles, and an extended warranty (or extended service contract) could help your car last.

Before jumping into a decade-long commitment, let the experts at Christian Brothers Automotive Schertz shed some light on the situation. Below are three pros and three cons of extended warranty service.

Pro #1: You can pick and choose your extended warranty plan

Independent warranty providers have more room to vary their coverage. Many offer various levels of coverage (such as silver, gold and platinum). Whatever your car needs, it’s possible to find the right plan.

Pro #2: Extended warranties cover complicated technology

As modern vehicles become bogged down with fancy new technology, it can be hard for the car to keep up. Meanwhile, the cars themselves are more mechanically reliable. An extended warranty can protect you against the expense of a technological system repair.

Pro #3: Our friendly staff helps you with the details

Our Schertz car repair shop wants to make service as easy as possible. To do this, we put in the legwork and make the necessary phone calls for you. With our help, extended warranty service doesn’t have to be a hassle.

Con #1: You pay more upfront (which could cost you long-term)

An extended warranty is a lot like health insurance. You’re betting the cost of maintenance services and repairs will ultimately outweigh the initial cost of your extended warranty plan. Sometimes, the plan was worth it you win. Sometimes, you lose.

Con #2: Service contracts are not cure-alls

While many providers present the extended warranty as a comprehensive cure-all, no company can cover all possible car problems. Add in the fine print, and you could be paying for a warranty that doesn’t provide the coverage you need.

Con #3: You may never file an extended warranty claim

No matter how much money you put into the plan, you may never end up needing it. If your car is totaled in an accident, or you end up selling the vehicle before the coverage kicks into gear, your plan could be wasted.

When it’s time for a repair or maintenance service, trust your friendly neighborhood experts. You can rest easy knowing your car is in our capable hands. To check on your extended warranty service, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Schertz, Texas today. We’ll help you recognize the nice difference!