3 Signs It’s Time For Brake Service From Our Sandy Springs Auto Shop

CBAC goes above and beyond to maintain your brake system

In some cases, it’s obvious your brake system is ready for service.

The dashboard brake light turns on or your car grinds and squeals while stopping.

However, there are many more subtle signs your brake system is in trouble.

At Christian Brothers Automotive Sandy Springs, we want every driver safe on the road. This requires confidence in your vehicle’s reliability. To help you better understand your brakes, here are 3 ways to know it’s time for brake system maintenance.

1. Your car seems to have a mind of its own

If your car is pulling off to one side while braking, it could be a stuck caliper or collapsed brake hose. In the case of a caliper malfunction, excessive friction is caused on one wheel. If the brake hose has collapsed, your calipers could again be pressed unevenly.

2. Your brake pedal vibrates while stopping

A vibration during braking usually indicates a warped rotor. When the rotors are under extreme stress for an extended length of time, the metal can begin to change shape. Another possibility is misaligned wheels, requiring an alignment adjustment at our Sandy Springs auto repair shop.

3. A soft or stiff brake pedal

If the brake pedal feels spongy while braking, or hits the floor, your brake pads may be worn out. It may also signify trouble with the hydraulic system or a fluid leak. On the other hand, if you have to press the pedal harder than usual, your brake fluid may be dirty or contaminated. This problem could also be attributed to a brake line obstruction.

If your vehicle is exhibiting symptoms of a compromised brake system, call for an inspection immediately. Your brakes are the most essential safety element on the car. A problem with this crucial system could leave you vulnerable to trouble on the road.

Call Christian Brothers Automotive in Sandy Springs, Georgia today for a brake system inspection. Discover the nice difference, and stay safe this holiday season!