Bad Driving Patterns that Will Ruin your Engine in Rockwall

Poor driving habits themselves are a great way to prematurely ruin your auto, and that's true even if you don't crash. Below are a few tips on avoiding these bad habits so your car works better and lasts longer.

Don't Speed on the Freeway

Driving as fast as possible on the freeway can be a rush. But driving this way can wreck the engine, and the car. Our automobile professionals at Christian Brothers in Rockwall, TX believe that most automobiles perform ideally at forty to sixty miles per hour. If you drive at higher speeds, your engine will burn more fuel per mile driven and your transmission will wear out. Also, driving that fast means extra stress throughout the engine, and that can cause early wear. Driving safely is a great way to show off that you're a proud car owner.

Don't Shift Improperly

There are many instances in which bad shifting behavior can wreck your transmission and clutch. First, don't ever move to park or reverse while your car is moving. Next, don't go into park and run off without using the E brake. If it so happens that you do, all the weight of your car or truck will be resting against the transmission instead of the brake. For manual transmission vehicles, be careful not to hold down the clutch when you aren't shifting. These simple things could save you cash in the long run.

Don't Drive Aggressively

It's not a race. One of the most obvious reasons not to drive too fast, of course, is that this behavior is dangerous. But also, shotgunning at intersections and then braking hard is difficult on your engine, your transmission, your suspension system and your brakes. It's clear why you want to show off a fast car, but true car lovers know that trying to show off too much will be destructive down the road.

Don't Idle or Rev

If you've read our blog, you know our expert advice on idling. It's also not great to rev your engine, especially if you're doing so with a cold engine. When you do, the engine oil won't circulate properly and the catalytic convertor won't start working. Furthermore, this cold-to-hot behavior can lead to widespread damage.

Don't Empty the Tank

Know about two ways that draining your auto of fuel or keeping the level low is a bad idea. Sediment in gas drops to the bottom of your fuel tank, so when the level is low your fuel pump has to send that grit through the fuel ignition system. Even if this doesn't clog the lines, which it could, it does cause your engine to work a little harder than necessary. Furthermore, fuel in the tank usually helps cool the part that pumps fuel, making it last longer and work better. If you don't have enough, your fuel pump could overheat and wear out more quickly.

Don't Accelerate Too Slowly

For safety and a higher mph, realize that it's not a good idea to accelerate so slowly that you risk the anger of your fellow road warriors. Some drivers have been taught not to dart off from a stop, and that's usually smart. But getting going too slowly stops your engine from working as intended and can make the transmission and engine work extra hard. The best idea is to drive at about the same speed as the drivers around you.

Get Your Vehicle Checked at Christian Brothers

In addition to driving wisely, keep your car or truck tidy top to bottom. You should also be careful to check the lights, oil and tires often. And at regular intervals, bring your ride in to your Rockwall Christian Brothers repair shop for a pro checkup.