2 Excellent Reasons To Immediately Replace Your Car’s Air Filters

A dirty air filter decreases acceleration and can destroy your engine

Have you ever gone flying down Highway 114, only to stop and see your front bumper covered in bugs and mud? When you’re driving at top speeds, it’s easy to forget the outdoor elements being hurled at your car. As the vehicle drives, it’s sucking in air to help the car run.

The only factor standing between your engine and these realities of nature are the cabin filter and the engine air intake filter.

Together, these two filters allow for a safe, pollutant-free drive. However, these filters accumulate waste and debris over time, which could be hazardous to your engine’s health. To keep your engine running strong, we’ve found two basic reasons your air filters need to be replaced regularly.

1. Debris will corrode your engine

When your filter clogs with environmental pollutants, waste and debris can slip into the engine. These abrasive particles quickly begin tearing away at the engine, creating more contaminants in the process. As this happens, the engine is slowly being destroyed.

The first effect you’ll see is a drop in oil pressure and unfortunate engine corrosion. If left unchecked, this situation could eventually result in complete engine failure.

2. Contaminants affect the fuel-air mix

To run as it should, your car relies on a specific mix of air and gas. Unfortunately, a dirty filter allowing foreign substances into the engine contaminates this mixture. The airflow is reduced, and the fuel is both contaminated with pollutants and deprived of clean oxygen.

The fuel becomes too rich and cannot properly ignite. This scenario results in a loss of acceleration power. The engine must work harder to move the car, which lowers fuel efficiency and negatively affects gas mileage. Eventually, the air filter could become so clogged and filthy, the engine will completely stop working.

Keeping your air filters clean and healthy is simple!

A simple trip to the auto repair shop can keep your car running clean and efficient for years to come. Our ASE-certified technicians recommend an air filter replacement every 10,000-30,000 miles, so request a filter check with your next oil change! The air filter replacement process is quick and affordable!

Call Christian Brothers Automotive in Roanoke, Texas to schedule an air filtration system inspection today. We’ll make sure you experience the nice difference!