The Top Oil Change Advice from Queen Creek Experts

The Top Oil Change Advice from Queen Creek Experts

Change your oil regularly.

Regularly and consistently changing your oil is the key to keeping your engine protected. For decades, people trusted the rule of changing the oil every 3,000 miles, or every 3 months. However, it isn’t necessarily true. Cars have come pretty far over the years, and the technology is more advanced. This means, depending on the model car you have, driving 5,000 or even 10,000 miles between oil changes may be perfectly fine.

Check your oil quality.

Keeping track of when you need to have your oil changed can be tough. But when you’re in doubt, it’s simple as popping the hood and taking a look. After you locate the engine oil dipstick, simply pull it out and check the oil.

Remember to always make sure your oil comes up to the “full” mark on the dipstick, but never over it. The next step is to look at the color and feel the texture of the oil. When your oil gets very dark in color or feels grimy, you should get it changed as soon as you can.

Consult your owner’s manual.

Knowing exactly what your car needs is actually quite easy to figure out. Just check your owner’s manual. This is particularly true when it comes to oil changes. The manual will outline all the specifics; from what type of oil your car needs to how often you should replace it.

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