Inspection and Emissions in Omaha, NE

If your car isn’t up-to-date with its inspection, then you are not only disobeying the law, but the emissions from your automobile could also be harming the ecosystem. You could be putting yourself and other motorists at risk if your automobile is not up to code. You can get a state inspection and any other services you may need all at one convenient location – the Christian Brothers Automotive in Omaha.

Our Courtesy Inspection procedure covers everything you need to pass a state inspection. If your automobile can’t pass the state inspection for any reason, then we can see what needs to be repaired and fix it in order to satisfy the state inspection’s requirements.

Our team of ASE-certified technicians are experts at examining cars. We always provide our customers with industry-leading services and repairs.

Have you taken a look at the date on your inspection sticker lately? If not, you should probably check it and see if your vehicle is overdue for its inspection. Do not get a ticket for not keeping your inspection up-to-date. State inspections are a cost effective way to make sure your vehicle is safe, plus an inspection is good for one whole year.

State inspection requirements are different in every state; some states don’t even require an inspection. Call Christian Brothers Automotive near Champions Run to arrange an inspection today. You could also just stop by our place.