Transmission Services in Omaha, NE

If you didn’t have a transmission, your automobile would definitely stagnate. The transmission is how the tires get electricity from the vehicle’s engine. To make certain that your car remains in good condition, it’s extremely important to sustain your transmission and its fluids.

Christian Brothers Automotive does every transmission flush to the maker’s original specifications. A transmission flush cleans by clearing out old liquid and fragments left behind. The cleaning always takes place with conditioner and high quality transmission fluid. During the transmission flush, an ASE-certified specialist utilizes a computer to monitor every phase of the procedure.

If you get a transmission flush, it will prevent you from needing costly transmission repair. Christian Brothers Automotive is an honest repair company. We will never sell you a part or perform a repair that is unnecessary. If we can do anything to help you avoid a transmission repair, we will tell you.

If your car needs transmission service, call Christian Brothers Automotive at and book a transmission test, or stop by our shop near Champions Run.