Three Engine Coolant Questions You’ll Never Need to Ask Again

Three Engine Coolant Questions You’ll Never Need to Ask Again

What is engine coolant?

Often called antifreeze, engine coolant is a heat transfer fluid used to remove excess heat from your car’s engine. There are many different types of engine oil. They’re made of a mixture of ethylene or propylene glycol and water, usually in a 50/50 ratio. The correct engine coolant for your car is the one your vehicle owner’s manual recommends.

What does it do?

The coolant is responsible for absorbing the heat created by the engine while the car is moving. The work is carried out by your exhaust and cooling system. In addition to cooling the engine through absorption of heat, the coolant also prevents the engine water from boiling in the summer and prevents metal parts from rusting.

Why is engine coolant so important?

If your car didn’t have the coolant, the heat produced by the constant internal combustion would destroy the engine very rapidly. Although coolant is partially comprised of water, the water alone can’t do the job of keeping the engine cool. Over time, the heat of the engine would either boil or completely evaporate the water.

The coolant in your car’s cooling system is extremely vital to the health of your engine. That’s why having the coolant inspected from time to time and having it changed every 30,000 miles is so important. If it’s time to get your coolant changed or just to have your cooling system checked, contact your local auto repair experts at Christian Brothers Automotive Olathe today. See the nice difference!