When Were Your Air Filters Last Replaced?

If it weren’t for your car’s air filtration system, these particulates would find their way into your engine, or into the AC system. Fortunately, your car contains two crucial filters, the cabin air filter and the engine air intake filter, which protect the health of your engine and your family.

The Cabin Filter

In the same way a painter wears a mask to keep stray fumes from entering his lungs, your air filter keeps pollution, dust and mold spores from circulating through the vehicle. The cabin air filter, generally made of pleated paper, is designed to filter the air coming from outside, through the air conditioner, into your lungs.

This air filter is a vital part of keeping the air inside the passenger cab safe to breathe. However, when this filter becomes too dirty, the air conditioner and heater will clog with dirt and pollen. Airflow is then reduced, and dangerous particulates can enter the air supply.

Engine Air Intake Filter

The cabin air filter protects your health while the engine air intake filter protects the life of your engine. The engine filter is responsible for removing larger pieces of crud before they’re sucked under the vehicle’s hood. By removing water, insects, dust and waste, your engine is safeguarded against unnecessary wear and tear.

When the air intake filter becomes too dirty, these contaminants can enter the engine compartment and act as shrapnel. The particles tear away at the engine and can clog the intake valves. The pollution can also contaminate the air-to-fuel ratio, which lowers your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and gas mileage.

The dirtier the engine air intake filter, the more substances and carbon deposits are adhering to the engine. Fuel-injected filters usually contain a pleated paper filter, while older vehicles typically use a cylindrical air filter. Both types of filter have the same purpose – keep the engine free of debris.

Unclean filters weigh on your vehicle.

Now that you know the difference between these two crucial elements, and their effect on your vehicle’s performance, you can take steps to keep them maintained. Luckily, air filtration maintenance is easy! All you have to do is replace the filters regularly.

When your car is brought into Christian Brothers Automotive, ask our ASE-certified technicians for a filter replacement. We recommend a replacement every 10,000-30,000 miles, so simply request a filter check with every other oil change.

If you have any questions about vehicle air filters, or it’s time for your car’s cabin air filter or engine air intake filter to be replaced, call Christian Brothers Automotive in North Katy, Texas. We’ll make sure you drive away with a healthy engine and a satisfied smile!