Why You Should Swap Your Snow Tires

About Winter Tires

We all know that driving in the snow presents unique challenges that can make drivers nervous, add time to any trip, and present dangerous conditions. While winter tires don’t get rid of these issues completely, they can make them easier to overcome. Snow tires have distinct tread patterns and softer rubber, which leads to better grip in snowy conditions.

The Process of Switching Tires

In warmer weather, winter tires do not provide the same advantages. In fact, you will probably save money in the long run by matching your tires to the appropriate season.

In warmer temperatures, the rubber used to make winter tires will wear down quickly. So if you choose to leave your winter tires on your vehicle after winter ends, you’ll end up buying new tires much sooner.

New Territory Tire Specialists

Switch from your winter tires to all-season tires as soon as temperatures are set to stay above freezing for good. The team at Christian Brothers Automotive in New Territory can take care of this job for you. For questions about your winter tires or our service, come visit us today.